Saturday, August 22, 2009


I almost forgot to post. This is just about the discipline for me so even though it's technically Saturday, it counts. I am just going to share a picture that made me smile the other day.

I was driving down the road and my allergies were KILLING me...I mean, I should NOT have been driving. I'm sure many accidents have been caused by people driving like that. You leave the air conditioning of your house, drive to your destination. By the time you get there, you're feeling your eyes itch and you start sneezing just a bit. Then, like me, you take a portrait session outdoors with ragweed in the air so thick that you'd swear you had a $75 filter over your lense. I'm not really sure how I got home but I do know that about 1/2 mile away I saw these flowers along side of the road and between sneezes and the tears, I managed to turn around and snap a few shots.

I love flowers...

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