Friday, August 28, 2009


has begun. Trevor's first game is tomorrow morning and I'm so exciting to be able to see it. I have missed so many games over the years because I shoot weddings almost every Saturday. Well, tomorrow I'm shooting at the Cleveland Botanical Garden tomorrow and the wedding doesn't start until 6:00. We are doing all of the photos before hand but it's still a relatively late day. It should be a beautiful day to have a wedding at the Gardens!!! Congratulations, Karen & James!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The kitty is making HUGE progress. He is eating like a horse now (finally) and he is actually playing with Noodle. It's been so rewarding. I have to say to all of my clients that have been patient with me, THANK YOU!! Tomorrow will be non-stop getting caught back up. If you're getting anxious for your work and you haven't heard from me, feel free to call anytime.

I Wish I Could...

post the pics from today. It was such an amazing experience. When the judge asked if there was anyone else that had anything to add to the adoption hearing, it was all I could do to jump up and down and add how grateful I was to just be present to witness (and photograph) such an amazing family. My job is not a's a gift. I was too busy wiping my tears...must be PMS.

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's a White Box on Wheels

Well, after 8 hours I found a car. I feel like I'm 1 step away from being institutionalized. I have my 20 minute presentation that I haven't begun to prepare for tomorrow morning and I am late on my sales tax. OOPS!! I'm too tired now so I'm signing off...there's always tomorrow.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Kitty's Still Alive...

The van, not so much. I knew I should have gone back to bed today when I poured the coffee grounds into the Cuisenart before I put the basket in. 45 minutes later and a tablespoon of grounds in the bottom of my cup, I started to wake up.

I was going to spend the whole day enhancing Christen & Drew's wedding pics to post online when my sister called to let me know we better do her maternity pics. She was having strong contractions about 10 minutes apart. I fed the kitty, showered and met with a new bride. While fueling up the van (thankfully only a few gallons) I read a text from her that said to hurry up, the contractions were now 5 minutes apart. She even called to say she was in so much pain, never mind. She would just have George snap a quick shot so baby #3 doesn't feel cheated (like that won't happen anyway). I told her to just wait and I would be there in 10 minutes. We had a 3 minute session and flew out the door.

The nurse checked her, told her to walk the halls for an hour and she'd recheck her. She was 75% effaced and 2 cm dilated. NO LUCK! She said to go home where she's more comfortable and come back when she couldn't take it anymore. I think every pregnant women should experience that for at least one of their pregnancies. I did and it wasn't fun!

Anyhoo...on the way to the hospital my transmission started slipping and I knew I was in trouble. On the way home, I had to pull over and leave it in a church parking lot. I was just telling the boys the other day that I was going to drive that thing until the wheels fall off. Little did I know it would be the next day. After 190,000 miles and a 2 transmissions I think I should let it go...

Which brings me to tomorrow. I have no idea what it has in store for me but I'm hoping to either have a new baby niece, a new vehicle ($4,500 off MSRP), or Christen and Drew's pics posted online....oh and a much healthier kitty!!!
Hurry up Sophia, Evelyn or whatever your name is! I can't wait to see you!!!

Doreen & Mitch

What a busy weekend! I just want to say how much I love Doreen & Mitch and their families. Doreen's family flew in from Germany. They spoke VERY little English. I have to say it was quite challenging getting them to pose, in a hurry, how I wanted. I really hope they don't think everyone in America just pushes (literally pushes) people around like that. Maybe I should send them some sort of apology that Doreen could interpret for them. Now that I think about it, her mom smiled at everyone but!

I'll post pics from their fabulous wedding in a few days!

Thank you guys for picking me...I love you!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I almost forgot to post. This is just about the discipline for me so even though it's technically Saturday, it counts. I am just going to share a picture that made me smile the other day.

I was driving down the road and my allergies were KILLING me...I mean, I should NOT have been driving. I'm sure many accidents have been caused by people driving like that. You leave the air conditioning of your house, drive to your destination. By the time you get there, you're feeling your eyes itch and you start sneezing just a bit. Then, like me, you take a portrait session outdoors with ragweed in the air so thick that you'd swear you had a $75 filter over your lense. I'm not really sure how I got home but I do know that about 1/2 mile away I saw these flowers along side of the road and between sneezes and the tears, I managed to turn around and snap a few shots.

I love flowers...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

3 Days in a Row

Yay! 3 days of postings in a row! This will be super short as I am very sleep deprived. I'm in the process of editing Christen & Drew's wedding pics from July 27th. These are just a few of my favorite images from their wedding. They were so stinkin' cute and VERY cooperative to try a few new places off the beaten path.
BTW...the kitty is doing well. He seemed to be drooling earlier and Trevor said he thought it had rabies. He went online and read all of the symptoms and "Warrior" seems to have almost all of them. I think they are also symptom of an extremely mal-nourished kitty. We're going to wait it out and see...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trevor's Big Heart

Wow! I never thought I would be here yesterday when I was writing this blog. About 5:00 yesterday when Trevor came home from Alex's to get ready for football practice, he had the most desperate look on his face I had ever seen. Alex had found this kitty on the side of the road and he was begging me to take it to the vet. He said it was just laying there with flies all around it. Toby warned me not to even look at it but I had to. Trevor is so loving toward Noodle and I really want to nurture his compassionate heart.
When I went down there, the kitty was in a cardboard box crying hysterically. Tonya and I got on our phones and made calls with no luck to different shelters. Thank God for Facebook because a friend (Judy Litten) answered my plea for help and had me bring the kitty over. She showed me how to bottle-feed it and stimulate it to go potty (who knew?).
I checked online and since it has teeth, I would guess it's at least 4 weeks but it only weighs 8 oz., the average size of a 2 week old. It's flea infested...I mean INFESTED! When I gave it a bath, the fleas ran to the only dry spot left, it's face! Such a pitiful sight. I probably picked 50 fleas off of it and there are plenty more to keep us busy for days.
I do have a total saint that might be interested in taking the kitty (Danielle Linden) but I'm not sure what would be best for "Trevor's Big Heart"...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a Summer!!

It's pretty sad when you remove the "Happy New Year" heading halfway through the month of August. I'm actually not sure it's so bad since it means I've been extremely busy. I am forever thankful for that and for all of my clients/friends that entrust me with their capturing their life's milestones in pictures! It's an honor that I will never take for granted...

I did take a break the other evening to go see "Julie & Julia" with my sister, cousin and aunt. If you haven't seen the movie, it all started with a girl who kept a blog. It did inspire me to start up again. Since Facebook has sucked me in to it's sticky, tangly web, I have not been to my own blog since May.

I am making it a goal to post everyday. It may not be much but I will at least post a "photo of the day" (some of which will be just for me). It may be a wedding, high school senior, baby, my boys, my dog or just a photo of the moldy bread sitting on my counter. Whatever fits my "bi-polar" mood for the day!! One day it might be a shot that just makes me smile on the inside and the next day it might be ...well, you get the idea.

Anyhow, this first picture had me lol as soon as I looked at the back of my camera! Is she not adorable?!?! This is from Erin & Bret Kuhn's wedding. They were the wedding that "almost didn't happen" because the minister saw Erin holding a beer in her hand before the wedding (might I add that Erin doesn't even drink beer) and refused to perform the ceremony. I will save that story for tomorrow's blog...
Anyhow, I'm going to book club this evening (which should be interesting since I haven't completed a book in 7 years...since Photoshop stole my soul). I'll let you know how that goes...