Sunday, July 20, 2008

The" Knitting Nanny" needs your help!

I am so proud of my Mom! She has started a new business ( as if 40 years of running her own business wasn't enough). She has recently retired and taken up knitting again!

In an effort to market some of her pieces, we are in desperate need of models. My poor niece and my Mom's neighbour were kind enough to model a few things but they can't take it anymore with the child labor laws what they are!!

Anyone that purchases a knitted piece from her in the month of July 2008 will receive a free children's session and the $90 package for free!! The only catch is that your child needs to be photographed with the knitted piece (and of course without also :-) sometime during the month of August.

Just call Marilyn @ 440-371-2500 to arrange for your custom designed hat, scarf, sweater, etc...

Thank you for your help!


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