Friday, July 25, 2008

The Blog of Shame

My poor Grandma!! The boys and I gave her this camera for Christmas. I thought it would make a perfect gift for 4 reasons.
1) We are the only Grandkids that never give her a gift at Christmas (for years!).
2) She lost her camera in a flood and I miss the pictures that she took at all of our gatherings.
3) I don't want to take pictures at the family gatherings.
4) She is 87 years old and I really want to spend more time with her. I thought it would push me to get together with her more often. My goal was once a month...I even have her scheduled into my palm pilot on repeat every month.
WELL...These photos were taken on Mother's Day. She has yet to see them. And she won't even see them here since she can't download Micro Media Flash at the "Village".
My poor Grandma is like the kid in the commercials that's stuck diving off the diving board but never gets to see it in print because it's stuck on the camera or in the computer.
I am putting this in print as the "blog of shame" to motivate me. The next time you see me feel free to nag me about getting these 2 and 100 other pictures to my Grandma (unless your name is "Marilyn",you are also in these pictures and you're still bugging me for vacation pix from last year).

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