Monday, November 03, 2008


Trevor is about to turn 10 years old. Every child in our family has a special 10 year portrait. Trevor's happen to be taken a little early because we were out on a shoot ( he is my new assistant) and I loved this wall. There is also a shot of him showing off his quarterback skills and mowing the lawn at the studio.


  1. Hi Becky! How are you?
    Love your pics. Stop bystore when in town. How is the new studio coming along? Vickie Dyke

  2. Thanks Vicki!

    The studio is coming along slowly but surely. The driveway was laid 2 weeks ago. We are now in the process of making everything handicap accesable.

    I know I'll be out there soon. I have a couple sessions coming up close to town. I'll stop by.

    Thanks again!

  3. the light in these is delcious. Wow. Amazing photography. What a cute guy. :)