Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tip of the day

One of my clients was here the other day placing her order for baby portraits. She was talking about how important her photographs were to her. She said she just doesn't splurge on anything except for portraits of her children.

As we were talking I mentioned how everytime you hear about a home fire, besides the family/pets, the most important thing that a family might lose are the photographs. Think about it...if your house burned to the ground, would you miss your t.v. or your couch? Would you miss your clothes or your dishes? All of those things are meaningless. The one thing you would miss would be your pictures (both amateur and professional). They are memories kept alive by little pieces of paper.

Which brings me to the wonderful thing she does! She keeps the actual photographs at her house and the takes the negatives/cd's to her parent's house. What a great idea! With very little effort you could save yourself from a lot of unnecessary loss.

Have a great weekend!

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