Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Business Card's finally time to breathe! I love this time of year...very little photography going on (except those brides and grooms that wait, years to order). I'm not complaining! I love staying moderately busy. I am in the process of shooting an ariel soon as the weather cooperates. If anyone needs ariel photography, give me a call. Joe Schmidt is a great pilot with a cool little helicopter!

I'm definately staying busy with marketing, networking and seminars. My mom is in Utah visiting my sister and her family. I wanted to post these new business cards, since she's the first person I would show, but she's not here.

Bill and I just got back from the SENIOR PORTRAIT ARTIST seminar in Texas. It was awesome. There were so many amazing portrait photographers there. I am very excited about everything we learned and if anyone knows of any high school juniors in need of senior's not too early to contact me. I have wonderful pre-season sign up bonuses!

Well, I have to run...I mean skate (roller skating with the boys' school tonight)!


  1. Well you said brideS and groomS - I hope the plural form means we aren't the only ones to have waited years!! :)
    ~Sarah and Johnny Hughes

  2. Becky,
    Adorable business cards. Please send me one. I just discovered your blog. I can remember when you did NOT want to use digital cameras. You did NOT want a webpage. You have come a long way baby!!!
    I was blessed when you came into my life. You are a part of my life chronicling my daughter, Jacqui's wedding, and my granddaughter, Sophie. Jenna's graduation from BW and her upcoming shower. You are a talented individual and you inspire me to keep snapping the shutter. Thanks for letting me be your assistant at a few weddings. I loved taking photos of the oldest and younest generations!