Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trevor's Big Heart

Wow! I never thought I would be here yesterday when I was writing this blog. About 5:00 yesterday when Trevor came home from Alex's to get ready for football practice, he had the most desperate look on his face I had ever seen. Alex had found this kitty on the side of the road and he was begging me to take it to the vet. He said it was just laying there with flies all around it. Toby warned me not to even look at it but I had to. Trevor is so loving toward Noodle and I really want to nurture his compassionate heart.
When I went down there, the kitty was in a cardboard box crying hysterically. Tonya and I got on our phones and made calls with no luck to different shelters. Thank God for Facebook because a friend (Judy Litten) answered my plea for help and had me bring the kitty over. She showed me how to bottle-feed it and stimulate it to go potty (who knew?).
I checked online and since it has teeth, I would guess it's at least 4 weeks but it only weighs 8 oz., the average size of a 2 week old. It's flea infested...I mean INFESTED! When I gave it a bath, the fleas ran to the only dry spot left, it's face! Such a pitiful sight. I probably picked 50 fleas off of it and there are plenty more to keep us busy for days.
I do have a total saint that might be interested in taking the kitty (Danielle Linden) but I'm not sure what would be best for "Trevor's Big Heart"...

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