Monday, August 09, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude Contest

Just knowing them is inspirational. What they do or who they are has encouraged you, made you long to be like them or moved you to tears with empathy for their courage and strength in a time of testing. You appreciate them for their grace under pressure, the way they give of themselves without anything expected in return or for the little things that they do without thinking anyone else is watching. But it makes a difference. To you. To your family. Maybe even your community.

In this busy world we often don't stop to let people know how much they have meant to us or inspired us simply by living their lives. We think it's time to slow down and have an "Attitude of Gratitude" for all of those people who enrich our lives, challenge and inspire us. We're asking you to join us and help us to show our gratitude for the people who make this world a better place to live, sometimes regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in.

Please help us to give back to a deserving person or family. Becky's Photography is offering a conest to offer a free portrait session and portrait order valued at $500 to the winning nominee. Help us give the gift of custom photography that can be treasured for a lifetime. Oh, and the person that nominates them also received a free photo session and a portrait order valued at $100. It's WIN-WIN!

The Rules -

Who can be nominated?
You can't nominate yourself, but the nominee can be anyone who has inspired you, given back or is just generally deserving of a year round reminder of their family's strength, beauty and love. The nomination can be due to financial hardship, but it doesn't have to be. The nominee must live in Avon, Ohio or the surrounding northeast Ohio area.

How can you nominate someone? Simply send us the person or family's name and the story of how they have been an inspiration to you along with contact information for both of you to Please be aware that we may share excerpts of these stories to inspire our readers, but will use first names only.

We'll be taking nominations through September 15th so get in that "Attitude of Gratitude" state of mind and start thinking about who you should nominate. We all know people that should be nominated. We guarantee it.

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