Friday, September 26, 2008


Well, Noodle is no longer a fertile puppy and Trevor is devastated as he wanted "little Noodles" running around. FYI for any of you yet to go through this...when they have your dog "under" they go ahead and trim their nails (since it's so easy, even thought they might not need it). Well, when I picked her up they failed to tell me that they did it AND...they trimmed the back right one WAAYYY too short. When I got out of the van after we got home I noticed little drips of blood on the van seat and thought "it must be from the surgery". I checked her out (it seemed fine), cleaned up the van and plopped myself down in photoshop with her on my left leg. About 10 minutes later someone came to the door and when we got up there was blood everywhere from her poor, little baby paw! Boy was Trevor angry!! After a couple pain pills and tranquilizers she seems fine now. They should definately send the parents home with tranquilizers too if they're going to cause such a mess!!! My favorite jeans, the carpet...
Not only did we go through this but I have been sick all week. Although I was able to reschedule appointments, unfortunately some of the production didn't get done as I had hoped. So if I have told any of you 1 might be 2. If I told you 2 might be 3. If you're getting anxious and haven't heard from me by Monday feel free to give me a call.
I'm looking forward to an awesome wedding at Kelly's Island this weekend. The weather looks great and the couple is awesome! Congratulations, Butch and Anne!
Gotta get back to work!
Have a great weekend!

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